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Montessori Lesson - Pink Tower

Maria Montessori carefully designed each one of the sensorial materials to develop discrimination, broaden the senses, and create a sense of order. One of the most recognizable sensorial materials in a Montessori Classroom is the Pink Tower.

Made up of 10 pink cubes ranging from 1 x1 x 1 cm (small) to 10 x10 x 10 cm (large). The child will build the tower from the largest to the smallest cube. The direct purpose of the pink tower lesson is visual discrimination of dimensions, while the indirect purpose is voluntary movement as the child retrieves each cube one at a time and the motor coordination that is required to carry out this lesson. This lesson introduces math concepts such as smaller and larger and prepares a student for the decimal and number system. The control of error lies within the child being able to discriminate differences.

For more information, please visit the Pink Tower at Montessorium .



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