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Bay Montessori - New Leadership

Bay Montessori Parents,

Mr. Pool and I are eager to pass the leadership of Bay Montessori School on to Kristin and Stephen Bell this Fall. They are excited to take ownership of your child’s Montessori education and look forward to meeting each and every family. With their arrival they bring a new passion, vision and dedication to move Bay Montessori School forward into a new chapter. They are Montessori driven and will maintain the Montessori philosophy in which Bay has thrived on for the past 23 years.

The Bells are originally from western Massachusetts. During their twelve years of marriage, Stephen has been in the US Navy, and because of that, they have had the pleasure of experiencing life in five different areas of the country. Kristin has a BA in Early Childhood Education, and a Montessori Early Childhood (3-6) Diploma. Kristin’s experience includes home and center daycare management, Montessori teaching as well as parenting/homeschooling her own children. Stephen has a BA in Project Management and is in the process of completing his Masters in Organizational Management. Stephen’s teaching background includes coaching and church teaching at the youth level. He has always been very supportive of Kristin’s childcare and Montessori endeavors. Once Kristin discovered Montessori she fell in love with the philosophy founded by Maria Montessori. Five years ago, during their time in Maryland she was blessed with the opportunity to send her children to Bay, and to work here. She worked side by side with me as a Montessori teacher in the Red Door and an extended care teacher in the Big House. I feel confident in Kristin’s ability to lead Bay for many years to come. She will maintain all current programs and has a vision to add additional programs to the services Bay currently offers. It has always been her vision to lead a Montessori school of her own. She is extremely excited to come back as Bay was the ideal model for her dream school. As an administrator her goals are to support, serve, encourage and motivate the staff, families and students.

Mrs. Pool

Head of School

Bay Montessori School

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