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The Preprimary class serves 8 children ages 24 to 36 months (or until developmentally ready).  Program hours are 9am to 12pm, 5 days per week.  A 9am – 12pm, 3 days per week program is also available.  A Montessori-credentialed Infant/Toddler Teacher guides the environment.  An extended day program is available from 8 -8:45am and 12 – 5:30pm.


This classroom is an introduction to Montessori’s 3 – 6 year classroom and helps to create a real world community.  The environment fosters greater responsibility, opportunities for leadership and respect for others and the environment.  The children participate in additional resource activities such as art and music.


Maria Montessori termed each child’s academic pursuit as “work.”  The toddler’s work assists in promoting concentration, coordination, independence and order.  Much of the work available in the toddler classroom spans multiple subject areas:  practical life, language, premath, prewriting, and cultural and outdoor explorations.

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