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Montessori Lesson - Spindle Box

As part of the Montessori Preschool Math Materials, the Spindle Box includes 45 loose wooden spindles and two wooden boxes of five compartments each with the numerals 0-9 above each compartment. The purpose of the Spindle Box is to see the numeral 0 to 9 in sequence and associate the corresponding quantities (spindles) with the numerals listed in the compartment boxes. The Control of Error - is simple, there are 45 spindles. The sum of the numbers 1 to 9 is 45, the exact number of spindles for the lesson. If a mistake is made, the child will find that he or she has either too few or too many spindles when he or she comes to the last compartment. Correcting his or her work independently. The Spindle Box is a also a great way to introduce the concept of zero. For more information about the Spindle Box, visit Spindle Boxes by


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