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Elementary Summer Camp - Session 8

In this camp, we will be doing a variety of sporting activities such as badminton, table tennis, kickball, soccer, to name a few. These camp activities will help the children to develop leadership qualities, self-confidence, moral character, healthy living habits as well as knowledge of their environment, culture and many other sporting activities.

Wednesday will continue to be Wheel Day, please bring in any wheels you may have on this day. You may park your wheels at the curb when you arrive on that day. Please remember to label all wheels and protective gear that you bring with you. Please don't forget to bring lunch.

Morning and aftercare snack will be provided by the school. Also please provide your child with a water bottle, labeled with their name; we will be spending lots of time outside.

Campers will swim evert day. Our lifeguard will continue to give lessons to non-swimmers and continue to improve the skills of those who can already swim.

Please send swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, flip flops or any other slip on shoes they can wear to pool area and googles (if desired). Please label all items prior to bringing them to camp. Swimsuits and towels will be left at school every day and on Friday, everything will be sent home to be washed for the following week. If you decided to send in a different towel or swimsuit, please remember to label, we have found that more than one child has the same suit or towel and it is difficult to tell who those items belong to .

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