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Mother's Day Tea - May 6th @10:00am

Our Mother’s Day Tea is May 6th. This is a time in which we recognize someone special in your child’s life. This someone special could be a grandparent, mom, dad or another significant person. The schedule is below and we hope all will join. This is a special event for the students, we hope that you can make it.

Priprimary Two’s – 10am

Primary – 10:30am

Lower El – 11:00am

Green Door – 11:30am


“Someday when the kids are grown, life will be different. The note on the refrigerator will read, “at hairdresser,” or “browsing in the art gallery,” or “started golf lessons”; instead of “pediatrician at 2pm”, or “cub scout pack meeting at 4”…

Someday when the kids are grown, the house will be free of graffiti; there will be no crayoned smiley faces on the walls, no names scrawled in furniture dust, no pictures fingered on steamy windows…

Someday when the kids are grown, I’ll get through a whole chapter of an engrossing book without being interrupted to sew a nose on a teddy bear, stop a toddler from eating the dog food, or rescue the cat…

Someday when the kids are grown, I won’t find brown apple cores under the beds, empty spindles on the toilet paper hanger, or fuzzy caterpillars in denim jeans. And I will be able to find a pencil in the desk drawer with lead, and the comics still in the center of the paper.