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Primary Summer Camp - Session I

Session I for Primary children, ages 2-5 , starts today. During Swim Lessons, campers will be grouped according to age and swim ability. Lessons will be given "one-on-one" while a group is in the pool. Non-swimmers are required to wear life vests at all times except during the "one-on-one" lesson time.

As a friendly reminder, we ask all parents to have children dressed in their swimsuit each morning with an additional change of clothes and towel when they arrive. At the end of the day, children will bring the swimsuit home, for the next day. Towels will be left at school, and on Friday will be sent home to be washed. Please return towels on Monday to be used the following week.

We ask that you apply sunscreen prior to their arrival to camp. If your child is remaining for aftercare and you desire for sunscreen to be reapplied, please send it in a labeled bottle with your child.

If you have the opportunity, please take your child to the pool and ask them to share the skills they are learning during the swim lesson.

Please remember to label all towels, swimsuits and clothes for camp.

Wednesday is Wheel Day. Please bring in a set of wheels for your child to ride on (scooter, bike, or trike) and protective gear as well (helmet, knee, elbow guards, if desired). Please label all wheels and gear.

Snack will be provided by the school for both morning and during aftercare.

Please remember camp starts at 9am. Families who are contracted for AM and PM daycare, we will be opened at 6:45am and close at 5:30pm.

Campers will see familiar faces during this session, Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Cha, Ms. Tia and Ms. Francine.

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