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Tuition Agreement

The school relies upon its enrollment commitments in planning for the year.  Parents are required to sign the tuition agreement and return it to the school by the date requested.  Please keep a copy for your records.

Tuition and Fees

Please refer to the General Fee Information Sheet for your child's tuition/extended care amount.  The tuition is an annual fee and may be paid in a variety of increments depending on your preference. The school uses TUITION EXPRESS for automated monthly tuition payments. Tuition Express can debit from a checking account or a visa or mastercard.  


In order to maintain services over the entire year, it is essential that the annual tuition fees be assured. It is understood that no reduction or remission of fees can be allowed for absence or withdrawal unless the family is relocating outside of St. Mary’s County area.  In such case, Bay Montessori requires 30 days written notice for early withdrawals.   After April 1st, no exceptions are allowed for reduction or remission of fees. 


Each child enters the school on a thirty-day trial basis.  During the thirty-day period, the parent or the school may recommend withdrawal without penalty.  There is no refund for the 30 day trial period.  After thirty-days, if the teacher decides the child would function best in another type of environment, the child may withdraw without penalty.

Late Policy

Our late pick up policy is that any child here after 12:00/3:00/5:30pm will be charged $25.00 and the student will be taken to After School care.  After 5:35pm you will be charged another $5.00 for every 5 minutes thereafter.  If you anticipate being late please call the school 301-737-2421 or the daycare house at 301-737-1398. 

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