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Room Parents

A room parent (also known as a class parent) facilitates communication between parents and the teacher, school administration, and parent-teacher organization (PTO), and supports the teacher in needs that may arise. At the beginning of each school year, Room Parents are solicited and are provided guidance on their role. 

Typical tasks for Room Parents. 

  • Meet with the teacher to discuss the role he or she would like the room parent to play.

  • Attend and/or organize activities for “Back-to-School Night.”

  • Post events to Bloomz.

  • Recruit other parents to help in the duty of room parents.

  • Meet with other room parents and/or the school’s room parent organizer on a regular or occasional basis.

  • Attend Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings. 

  • Help coordinate Teacher Wish List

  • Organize class parties and enrichment opportunities. This may include planning, shopping for, and hosting the event.

  • Communicate with parents to obtain donations of supplies for the classroom and/or events (i.e., boxes of tissues the classroom or cupcakes for class parties).

  • Collect donations for and purchase gifts for the teacher for special occasions. These might include holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and/or Teacher Appreciation Day), his or her birthday, the end of the school year and other special events such as a baby or wedding shower, get well, etc.

  • Communicate with parents to line up chaperones for field trips.

  • Find volunteers to help in the classroom, if needed.

  • Send out reminders—via email, phone or notes that go home with the kids—about upcoming events, meetings, field trips and needs for donations or volunteers.

  • Act as a resource by answering questions for parents new to the school or class.

  • Solicit donations for the school or class from local businesses or other people besides the parents of kids in the class.

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