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Parents provide snack on a rotating basis for the preprimary and primary classes. You will receive a letter explaining this process during the first week of school.  Elementary and Middle School students may bring a nutritious snack if desired.  Extended day children will also be served a mid-afternoon snack, compliments of Bay Montessori. If at anytime you wish to send a special snack for the class, please do with the permission of the teacher, and make sure to follow the nut-free policy. Please inform the teacher if your child is allergic to any foods.


If your child will be staying for lunch, please send a sandwich, fruit, and a nutritious snack to school.  Please, no candy, chocolate, soda or gum.  Milk is provided for all children. 


Nutritious Suggestions: 

  • dried and fresh fruits

  • cooked and raw vegetables

  • granola bars

  • use of different breads to make sandwiches

  • salads

  • crackers with spreads (jelly, nut-free butters, tuna, cream cheese, cheese)

  • seeds (not suitable for children under three because they may choke)

Nut Free Policy

Any food served to all children at Bay Montessori School is to be nut free.  This includes snacks brought in by parents, birthday treats and snacks provided by the school.  Please read labels and refrain from bringing items stating “may contain nuts” or “contains nuts”.  We are allowing parents to bring in food which label reads “produced in a facility that also produces nuts”. 


A child may bring any healthy nutritious food for their own lunch.  This includes peanut butter and other foods containing nuts.  All children are supervised and sharing of lunches is not permitted.  If you have concerns about your child eating lunch next to a child with nut products please let us know and we will make special arrangements. 

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