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Communications - To Families From School


Blooms is a program/App by which teachers communicate with parents by a display of pictures and notes about the daily classroom happenings.  It is viewed by invite only.  Therefore all parents in each class will receive a Bloomz invite once enrolled. 


The school’s web page is the main source of information for all school activity. The school calendar, photo galleries, newsletters and parent forms can be found by checking the Parent Information page on the school’s website:


All written notices will be sent via email.  In some cases, a hard copy will also be sent home from your child’s teacher (please notify the administrator if you do not have email so a hard copy will always be sent home with your child).   The school relies on email to convey vital information, please let us know if this is not the best way to reach you.

Email Distribution List

On occasion parents within a class may have the need to contact other parents. For this reason we create an email list of each classroom and distribute it to each family. On special occasions a parent may contact the office and request an email address for a parent from another class. If you do not want your email on the class distribution list or given to a parent from another class, please initial on the attached form.


Parents will be notified of updates through the quarterly emailed newsletter. The school provides parents with information about classroom activity, upcoming events, important announcements and activities through this newsletter.

Book Bags

Communications that cannot be sent via email (book orders, Montessori Services orders, etc.) will be sent home with the children in their book bag. Please check your child’s book bag each night for communications from the school. For greater access to school information, please check your email regularly for messages from the school.

Message Board

Announcements and reminders will be posted on the message board/kiosk in the parking lot.


Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice during the school year.  Please feel free to contact the teacher to schedule a time to discuss your child's progress outside of scheduled conferences.

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