Montessori Themed Camp for Elementary

Session 1 - (Week 6/10) - Athletic Games/ Swim Lessons

Campers will have the chance to be active in many games as they challenge and develop their creative, intellectual and kinesthetic abilities. They will use various types of sports equipment and participate in fun races as well as team games. 

Session 2 - (Week 6/17) - Woodworking / Swim Lessons

A variety of basic woodworking tools will be presented to the campers with lessons on safe and proper handling. Campers will be able to create several small wooden projects during this week.


Session 3 - (Week 6/24) - Drama / Swim Lessons

Campers will go on a creative journey as they express themselves using a variety of visual and performing art forms! A local drama teacher from Pretend Power will lead the campers through adventures and activities.

Session 4 - (Week 7/2) - Science & Exploration /Swim Lessons

Campers will explore the laws of science through experimentation and exploration. Bay’s STEM teacher will lead the children through fun and safe science activities.

Sessions 1-4 (weeks of 6/10-7/1) include daily small group swim lessons as well as free swim times.  (There is no camp on 7/4 & 7/5 but the weekly fee is reduced)


Session 5 - (Week 7/8) - Movin' To the Music

Campers will make music through interactive activities in a fun and creative environment. They will participate in dance and movement games while experimenting with a variety of musical instruments. Patricia Blanchard, local musician and piano teacher, will visit the camp for two days with musical activities.



Session 6 - (Week 7/15) - Outdoor Adventures

It’s time to dig deep and explore the outdoors! During this week campers will learn about plants, insects, water creatures  and animals as they take time to explore the meadow and surrounding woods as well as a nearby nature trail and beach! There will be an overnight campout in the meadow on Thursday.


Session 7 - (Week 7/22) - Beads & Strings

All the possibilities with beads and strings! Campers will have a chance to explore and create some beautiful projects using various sorts of beads and strings. There will be a trip to All About Beads where campers will learn to plan and create a necklace of choice.

Session 8 - (Week 7/29) - Junior Engineers

Campers will learn the basics of engineering and architecture by using different materials to plan and build creations. Bay’s STEM teacher will lead the campers through fun and safe engineering activities.

Session 9 - (Week 8/5) - Healthy Cooking

Cooking is an exciting and fun way for campers to utilize their math, science and language skills towards becoming more independent. During this week campers will gain knowledge on the values of nutrition and will have a chance to choose yummy recipes to follow, prepare and enjoy!


Session 10 - (Week 8/12) - LEGO Challenge

Playing with LEGOs promotes math, engineering and creativity.  During this week campers will explore various building challenges using a variety of LEGOs.  They will read and follow diagrams to build LEGO creations as well as learn to plan and construct their own creations.


Session 11 - (Week 8/20) - Recycled Crafts

Let’s put all those recyclable materials to use by creating decorative as well as functional crafts! Campers will explore the possibilities of everyday materials beyond their intended use. They will learn about sustainable resources and gain a sense of pride in being eco-friendly!

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