Montessori Themed Camp for ages 3-4




Bay is fortunate to have a swimming pool on campus! Staffed with a certified lifeguard, campers will receive swim lessons, gain confidence in the pool, and learn skills they can use throughout the summer. When the children are not swimming, they will explore our campus and participate in organized activities. 




Cooking is an exciting and pleasant sensory experience for children! It provides avenues for the development of math concepts, language, science, and cultural subjects. Campers will cook tasty treats using hands-on learning and enjoy them afterwards. 




Campers will have an opportunity to learn all about seeds, nuts & fruit for growing plants and healthy snacking. They will learn about the parts of a seed and how to identify and collect a variety of seeds to replant in our school gardens. Please understand that munching on salad sprouts and tasting some seeds and nuts are incorporated in these activities led by Ms. Debra, our groundskeeper. 


WEEK 7 [7/25-29] YOGA & MOVEMENT 


Yoga postures promote coordination, flexibility, focus and balance! Campers will be led through coordinated movement, stretching, yoga poses, breathing exercises and self-calming techniques in a class led by Ms. Amanda from Peaktop Wellness. 


WEEK 8 [8/1-5] ARTS & CRAFTS 


Let’s get messy and colorful! Campers will have a chance to work with a variety of art materials to create crafts as they develop those fine motor skills. They will cut, glue, sculpt and learn about color mixing using different tools and paint on a variety of mediums. 


WEEKS 9 & 10 [8/8-19] MONTESSORI CAMP 


Campers will work with the Montessori materials in a Primary classroom. A trained Montessori teacher, Mrs. Glenn, will present lessons and guide campers as they explore all areas of the Montessori environment.